Why should I test my home for radon?

Testing for radon can seem like another to-do list item that can easily be erased. I mean, is it really important to test for radon, even if your family is all healthy?

That is the best time to test!

Here are five motivations for getting your home tested soon.

#1 – Peace of mind. 

Until you test your home for radon, you don’t know if you are breathing air that is harmful to you or not. Radon is invisible and odor-less and could be affecting you and your family’s health every day without you knowing it. Once you are aware of the dangers of radon, it will put your mind at rest knowing whether or not this is a risk that you and your family are facing.

#2 – Long-term exposure is dangerous.

Being exposed to an extremely high level of radon for 1-2 hours can be very bad for you…but being exposed to a low level of radon over years and years can pose the exact same risk. Even if you don’t live in a uranium mine, life-long exposure to low or moderate levels of radon can be detrimental to your health. Where do you spend most of your time? Even if you work long hours, the answer is: your home. This is the most important place to test for radon and fix a high radon problem.

#3 – The stakes are high – lung cancer is deadly.

Lung cancer kills more Americans each year than any other type of cancer. Most of us have someone, or several people, in our lives who have died from cancer. It crushes families and brings heart-rending grief. Let’s not give lung cancer any more victims.

It is estimated that 21,000 people die each year in the US because of radon-induced lung cancer. Let’s stop this trend together through radon testing and mitigation.

#4 – It is easy and relatively inexpensive to fix.

If your home has a level of radon over 4 pCi/L, the EPA recommends mitigation. Mitigation systems normally range from $800-$2,000. This is a lot less expensive than medical bills and the emotional and mental strain of having a loved one succumb to lung cancer. Installing a mitigation system is a quick and worthwhile fix.

#5 – Radon may cause more than just lung cancer.

Recent studies have been linking high levels of residential radon to higher risks of other illnesses and cancers, such as skin cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. As more research is conducted, we may find that there is more overall risk of illness from radon than previously thought.

Are you ready to be a hero and test your home for radon? Call up your local home inspector or buy an at-home kit to test your home.


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